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Who We Are

The Order of the Eastern Star, while a separate organization, is part of the Family of Freemasonry.  We are the largest fraternal Order in the family of Freemasonry that admits both men and women to membership.

Each member of the Order commits themselves to self-improvement and to trying to live by the virtues of our Order, which are illustrated and explained to each new member at the time of his or her initiation through the stories of our five Biblical heroines.

Because we are part of the Family of Freemasonry, the Order does have certain membership requirements.  Men wishing to join the Order must be affiliated Master Masons in good standing.  Women wishing to join must either be related to a Master Mason or have been associated with Job's Daughters International or the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.  In addition, we require that each candidate believe in a positive Supreme Being, be at least 18 years old and a resident of California, adhere to the laws of our Country, and not have been convicted of a felony. If you feel that you qualify and are interested, please click the Find Out More box on the right side of our Home Page.