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Annual Session

Meal Events

  • Last day to order meals WAS Midnight, Friday, October 4th, 2019.
  •      Thank you for using our Meal Order System.
  •      See you at the Annual Session of Grand Chapter in Visalia!


Thursday October 24th: Past Grand Treasurers/Past Grand Secretaries Breakfast  

Thursday October 24th: Grand Representative and Distinguished Guests Luncheon

Thursday October 24th:  "Who Let the Dogs Out?"   FUN NIGHT

Friday October 25th:  "True Blue Breakfast"  Gaffys Breakfast

Friday October 25th:  "Light Seekers" Breakfast Former Grand Chaplains

Friday October 25th:  "The Signal Sisters Breakfast"  Former Grand Marthas, Grand Ruths and Grand Electas

Friday October 25th:  Royal Gems Breakfast, Former Grand Esthers  * Note*  Date Correction and Updated 8.15.19

Friday October 25th:  Former Grand Warders and Former Grand Sentinels Breakfast

Friday October 25th:  "Our Family Grows from our Star"  2000, 04,08,12 & 16 State Luncheon

Friday October 25th:  "Pleasure in the Past, Treasure Today and Focus on the Future" 2009,2013,2017 Luncheon

Friday October 25th:  (not on meal form)  "New Membership Sip" no-host happy hour at Marriott Lobby bar

Friday October 25th:  "Let it Snow"  2019 State Dinner

Friday October 25th:  "We Can See Clearly Our Vision is 20/20"  2020 State Dinner 

Friday October 25th:  "A Step Towards Our Moment in Time" 2021 State Dinner

Friday October 25th:  "Denim & Diamonds"  2022 State Dinner

Saturday October 26th: SLC Boosters Breakfast

Saturday October 26th:  San Francisco Peninsula Breakfast

Saturday, October 26th:  New Member Experience VIP Meet & Greet (7:30 am)

Saturday October 26th:  Dynasty 1995,99,03,07,11,15 Luncheon